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200628 他人提及相關SNS nomaaaaaaaad (風景) (內文為感謝工作夥伴,與防彈無關故省略,照片為Stay Gold MV場景製作過程) @mue.artwork https://www.instagram.com/p/CB8usJmJutz/ https://i.imgur.com/1izOeY3.jpg
200629 玧其 stay gold https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1277591581185282058 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ebrqw11U8AEZNYl.jpg
BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL #BTS 日本第四張正規專輯「MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~」公布購買序號第三 波特典內容! 詳情請點擊這裡→https://t.co/p2j2MzkH50?amp=1 https://twitter.com/BTS_jp_official/status/1277527309310976001 其他相關SNS BT21 "Let's name the supporters" Dads already had this thing planned out. (接吻) Don't miss the chance to name #BT21 #supporters! Leave your ideas as comments in the #EP06 #UNIVERSTAR video. (閃光) → https://lin.ee/SZaSAy2/hntj #HurryUp #GiveYourIdeas #until #July2 #BT21_UNIVERSE https://twitter.com/BT21_/status/1277436734733602818 (影片) Has donating ever been this easy or exciting? Just send BT21 X IVI LINE stickers and your charity work is done! All donations go to those in need of vaccines.(暈) #TOMORROW #BT21 #IVI #InternationalVaccineInstitute #Stickers #Donation *May not be available in some regions https://twitter.com/BT21_/status/1277527407096786944 (影片) 200630 南俊 最近 (顛倒的臉)(顛倒的臉)(眨眼) https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1277853614988378112 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbvZBvlVAAAP0vy.jpg
BTS_official 官推 [公告] #BTS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP 相關指南 (+ENG/JPN/CHN) https://t.co/0rCW8Hfj0H?amp=1 https://twitter.com/bts_bighit/status/1277905097343688704 其他相關SNS BT21 #BT21 X #IVI Stickers out now! Want to spread love with BT21? Send stickers to who you care about!(情書) All proceeds will be donated to the International Vaccine Institute for those who need #vaccines.(閃光) Download & join the world's cutest #donation! (循環的心) →https://lin.ee/SuxiHM7/hntj https://twitter.com/BT21_/status/1277799200978120704 (影片) Love grows when shared. #BT21_SpreadLove challenge! Share the message of love with BT21 stickers, and tag three friends who'll spread love just like you did!(情書) Check out #BT21 X #IVI collab #LINE stickers(閃光) →https://lin.ee/SuxiHM7/hntj * May not be available in some regions https://twitter.com/BT21_/status/1277844365860200448 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbvQrSiU0AAFWSr.jpg
Hyundai Lifestyle We appreciate all of your support on the #PositiveEnergyChallenge to celebrate #WorldEnvironmentDay. It’s amazing that more than 914K have joined the movement and over 1,854M people have shared the message ‘#Hydrogen is our #PositiveEnergy that makes our world better’ with others. Check out what we’ve done together for the Earth. #Becauseofyou #BTSxNEXO #NEXO #CleanMobility https://www.instagram.com/p/CCDIvlbpHo7/ (影片) 他人提及相關SNS MAX回覆玧其推文 https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/1277591581185282058 MAX LOVE THIS SONG https://twitter.com/MAXMusic/status/1277702313977581568 cr.BTS_twt / bts_bighit / BTS_jp_official / BT21_ / MAXMusic @ Twitter nomaaaaaaaad / hyundai.lifestyle @ Instagram 翻譯: guha4832 @ PTT-BTS --
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