[新聞] 德國跟進台灣 禁止官方使用Zoom

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1.新聞網址︰ https://www.techradar.com/news/zoom-banned-for-official-use-in-taiwan 2.新聞來源︰ 外媒 TechRadar.com 記者 Jitendra Soni, Mike Moore 3.新聞內容︰ 德國禁止官方使用 Zoom 出於隱私與安全疑慮,將跟隨台灣禁用 Zoom Germany bans Zoom for official use Follows Taiwan in blocking Zoom due to privacy and security concerns 簡單翻譯部分內容 出於對隱私和安全保護的疑慮,部分德國政府部門已停止使用Zoom。在政府發布備忘錄警 告 Zoom 的風險後,德國外交部已率先停止使用 Zoom。 備忘錄中寫道:根據媒體報導和我們的發現,我們得出結論,「Zoom的軟件存在嚴重的缺 陷,並且存在嚴重的安全性和數據保護問題。」 數小時前,台灣政府表示出於安全及隱私方面的疑慮將避免使用 Zoom,並建議使用其他 廠商如 Google 或微軟的替代產品。由於中國不承認台灣是獨立國家,因此官方資訊被轉 發至中國會被視為國家安全的威脅。 在其他地方,如美國的許多學校已經改用 Microsoft Teams 進行遠端教學並立即禁用 Zoom,Elon Musk 的 SpaceX 已經官方禁用 Zoom,加拿大的監管機構也不准 Zoom 用於 「任何需要安全通訊的政府討論」。 Zoom 的 CEO 袁征已經致歉,並承諾公司會停止開發新功能,全力解決安全問題。自三月 創下歷史新高以來,Zoom 市值已經下跌 30%。 Parts of the German government have blocked the use of Zoom following concerns around its privacy and security protection. Officials at the German Foreign Ministry have had their use of Zoom restricted following a government memo warning about the risks in using the software. Amid the coronavirus-led lockdowns, Zoom and other teleconferencing apps have experienced a spike in usage. However, the company has faced severe backlash after reports surfaced of traffic being routed through China, Zoombombing, a lack of proper security measures and other privacy-related issues. According to the Handelsblatt newspaper, Zoom was already being widely used across the ministry’s international partners, meaning it would be difficult to ban its use completely, so employees could log on using private machines for professional purposes if there was a crisis. “Based on media reports and our own findings we have concluded that Zoom’s software has critical weaknesses and serious security and data protection problems,” the memo read. Zoom ban The move comes hours after Taiwan’s government said it would avoid using Zoom due to a number of security and privacy concerns, suggesting that alternative applications from competitors like Microsoft and Google are safer. As China doesn’t acknowledge Taiwan as an independent state, official data being relayed through China is considered as a privacy threat for the nation. A statement issued by the Taiwanese Department of Cyber Security states, “if the organization must use non-domestically produced software for international exchanges or some other special situation, many global and communication giants—like Google and Microsoft—are offering such technology for free amid the current pandemic.” “Organizations should consider these options after evaluating any associated data security risks,” it added. Zoom, which saw its user base balloon to 200 million in March, had been struggling to control the spike in usage. The company admitted that it had mistakenly routed data through Chinese servers and has clarified that it has stopped using the backup servers for non-Chinese customers. Similarly, reports of Zoom calls not being end-to-end encrypted, hackers being able to eavesdrop into calls, records of meetings available publicly on the internet, and un-invited attendee’s able to hijack calls caused major concerns globally. Elsewhere, various schools in the United States have also switched to Micro- soft Teams for remote classes and banned Zoom immediately. Even Elon Musk’s SpaceX has barred the usage of Zoom by its officials and Canada's electronic surveillance agency also didn’t approve the platform for “any government discussions that require secure communications.” Last week, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan apologized for the incidents, and announced that the company will stop working on new features to focus on securing the plat- form. Zoom’s market value has been reduced by one-third since it registered a record high in late March and its shares also experienced a drop by one per- cent in pre-market trading on the Nasdaq. 4.附註、心得、想法︰ 還蠻奇妙的副標是 "follows Taiwan",是台灣超前部署,還是民進黨又控制德國了嗎? 有人說你也沒辦法證明其他軟體比較安全,所以不該停用 Zoom,但是 Zoom 已經被公開 證明有安全疑慮,連自己都承認了,我個人是認為這個理由就夠充分停用。 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/HatePolitics/M.1586421009.A.E34.html
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