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https://boards.4channel.org/vt/thread/11344609/i-love-sana Be Sana Have an old dog that is about to die soon Tell your family to put him down so you have a sob story for the stream that will bump up your views and SC money Family suggests that she can just fake it Sana insists that they put the dog down for real anyways What a sick bitch Sana 有一隻快要死的狗 要求家人安樂死那隻狗 這樣就有悲傷故事可以增加觀看數跟SC 家人建議假裝已經安樂死就足夠了 黑肉堅持要安樂死那隻老狗 精障臭婊 can confirm, am a vet 我是那天那個獸醫 我可以證明 There I was, minding my own business drinking a can of Foster's lager, when this cunt kicks open the door dragging this 20 year old mutt behind her. Poor dog can't keep up with the sheer force she's putting on the leash and just gets dragged across the floor. 我喝著一罐福斯特拉格(一個酒的品牌),正忙著自己的事情,這時,有個臭婊子踢開了 門,身後拖著一只20歲的雜種狗。可憐的狗跟不上她在狗鏈上的拉力,老狗只能在地板上 被拖著走。 "I need you to put down this dog, so I can be sad on Youtube" she barks at me. "Huh? You what?" I answer completely baffled by the request. She stomps her way in my direction, gets all up in my face. 他用吼的說“我需要你把這隻狗給安樂死,這樣我就可以在Youtube上哭哭了。 "Huh? Huh? You what? What?" taking an aggressive posture while the dog gets dr agged across the room whimpering. Mate, I was fucking stunned at the sheer amount of force she used to drag this mangy mutt around, dropped my Foster's on the floor in shock. "I said, you need to put this dog down, so I can be sad about it on Youtube." 我:"蛤?" 我完全無法理解這個要求。她對著我一直跺腳,在我面前晃來晃去。擺出咄 咄逼人的樣子說:哼,哼?你說什麼?什麼?而老狗被他在地上拖的嗚嗚叫。幹,我他媽的 被她拖這隻狗的力量驚呆了,嚇得我手上的福斯特都掉到地上了。 黑肉說:你必須把這狗安樂死,這樣我就可以在Youtube上為了他痛哭了。 As I take a step back to deescalate the situation, I can see an older man looking at the mutt through the window with tears in his eyes. "Can't you just pretend?" I suggest, but she closes the gap I tried to create, once again dragging a whimpering dog across the floor behind her. "Pretend? Do you know who I am? I'm fucking space, mate. Put down the dog!" 當我退後一步緩和氣氛時,我看到一個年長的男人在窗戶外看著這隻狗,眼里充滿淚水說: Sana你就不能假裝一下嗎? 但黑肉直接把窗戶給關了,再次把一隻嗚嗚叫的狗拖到了她身後。 "假裝?你知道我是誰嗎?我是他媽的宇宙。 把狗殺了!" I make up my mind, I'm going to refuse this cunt's request. I turn to grab another can of lager from the 24 pack. Crack it open and tell her to piss off. "Fine," she says, her eyes showing a flash of madness, "I'll do it myself". 我下定決心,我要拒絕這個婊子的要求。我轉身從24罐一箱啤酒中再拿了一罐啤酒,打開來 ,叫她滾開,老子要喝酒了。 黑肉說:好吧,她的眼睛里閃過一絲瘋狂, 並說:我自己來吧。 Before I know it she's grabbed the entire carton of Foster's cans and bashes it repeatedly into the dog.The sound of bashing followed by several bloodcurdling yelps, Foster's spraying everywhere as the cans get destroyed, more bashing, a final whimper, and then finally nothing. I can't look at it, the sheer onslaught of animal abuse being delivered here. 在我反應之前,她已經抓起整箱福斯特酒瓶,瘋狂向狗身上砸去。一陣敲打聲音之後是幾 聲血淋淋的哀嚎,福斯特的罐子被打破後噴得到處都是,越來越多敲打聲,剩下一聲嗚咽 聲,然後什麽聲音都沒有了。我他媽看不下去了,根本就是在屠殺動物。 The man in the window turns away as well, and I can tell from his shoulders th at he's sobbing as his trusty companion is being reduced to a furry pulp. 窗外的男人也轉過身去,我從他的肩膀上可以看出,他正在哭泣,因為他的信任的同伴被 打成了毛茸茸的肉醬。 She gets all up in my face again, this time covered in canine blood, while rummaging through her purse. She pulls 20 dollars out her purse, and shoves it in my face. "That's for the Foster's. If someone asks any questions, tell them you were attacked by a rabid dingo." She walks out of my home and slams the door behind her, grabs the old man by his ear and yells "Stop being such a whiny cunt about it and take me home, dad." 她又湊到我面前,這一次,她全身都是狗的血,同時在她的錢包裡翻找。她從錢包裡面掏 出20美元,塞到我臉上,並說:這是給打破福斯特酒瓶的賠償。如果有人問了任何問題, 就說你被一只狂暴的野狗襲擊了。"她走出我家,關上身後的門,抓住老人的耳朵,大喊 :"別再這樣唧唧歪歪了,載我回家吧,老爸。" The 20 dollars is covered in dog's blood, and doesn't even get me a 24 pack of Foster's in the supermarket. What a fucking waste of lager. 這20美元沾滿了狗血,甚至不能讓我在超市買到24罐一箱的福斯特啤酒。真是他媽的浪費 啤酒。 本日精障文也蠻長的= = Sana黑編故事的能力完全不輸巴哈夸黑 怕 -- https://i.imgur.com/dQSPdO0.gif
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