[新聞] 印度將加入中國禁止西方垃圾進口的行列

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1.媒體來源: RT 2.完整新聞標題: 印度將加入中國禁止西方垃圾進口的行列 3.完整新聞內文: India has followed China’s lead and banned imports of solid plastic waste in an effort to tackle its own environmental crisis — but the move has added to an ever-growing global recycling and plastics crisis. 中印皆試圖禁止西方垃圾進口,但此舉恐囊更大的環保危機 One year ago, the Chinese government implemented its 'National Sword' policy, which put a stop to the massive flow of recyclable plastic waste from Western countries. Plastic imports to China wereown 99 percentn the first year since the new import restriction came into force. 中在實行此政策後已降低九成九的垃圾進口量 Until the Chinese ban, the US, UK, Germany and Japan were among the biggest exporters of plastic to China. The new rules forced them to look elsewhere to send their plastic recyclables. UK exports to Malaysia nearly tripled, while exports to Thailand were 50 times greater. The US is the biggest plastic exporter to Malaysia, sending 195,444 tonnes between January and July 2018. 美英德日曾為向中國的最大垃圾出口國。在禁令出台後,馬泰為替代進口國家。 India stops waste plastic imports as China’s ‘recycled commodities’ ban triggers trash crisis in US But the Chinese and Indian bans have shown that exporting plastic waste is unsustainable — andhailandndalaysia, too, have announced bans, not wanting to continue on as the dumping ground for the world’s plastic waste. While the short-term solution to the problem for Western countries has been to find alternative markets, the long-term solution, in the words of UK environment secretary Michael Gove, is to吱top offshoring our dirt.” 出口垃圾此舉是不可持續性的,有如推卸自身的塵土至他人身上。 The current developments in the field of plastic disposal are likely to put developed nations in a bind, Yoichi Shimatsu, an environmental journalist and a former Tsinghua University lecturer, believes. Plastic waste tends to have a tremendous adverse effect on human health, he warned. 塑料垃圾將有害發展中國家的人體 c Global Look Press / Grant Falvey “Organic carbon-based compounds … act as hormone disrupters, which especially interfere with the endocrine systems and female reproductive organs, leaving to complicated disorders and birth defects,”e explained, adding, however, that the proper disposal of plastic waste requires a costly technologynvolving plasma incineration 不只有害內分泌系統和女性懷孕器官,且正確處理的焚化須高科技高成本 This would make the cost of plastic disposal, which is currently simply shipped off elsewhere,吠rohibitive.”However, as an increasing number of countries ban plastic waste imports, the developed world could be left with no alternative but to deal with it at home. There are also other aspects to this problem. 這使得運送他國更加符合利益 The use of developing countries as dumping grounds for Western waste isimmoral, unethical and unjust,"environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva told RT. "There should never have been plastic introduced into economies. We had local, fresh products everywhere. Plastic and the fossil fuel economy that backed it was a handful of industries that gained from it — and then they got everyone addicted to plastic and a throwaway culture,"Shiva said. In the US, the National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) recently asked President Donald Trump to raise China's ban as part of trade talks with the Chinese government, slamming what it called theunrealistic restrictions on imported recyclables"nd saying that the ban could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs. 美國國家廢物和再循環協會(NWRA)抨擊禁令不具合理性,要求川普在貿易戰中令中國開放政策 Plastic waste piled outside an illegal recycling factory in Malaysia c euters / Lai Seng Sin But it’s not quite that simple. While Westerners dutifully separate their papers and plastics, believing that they will be properly recycled in far off lands, very often that is not the case at all. A Greenpeace investigation last yearoundhat much of the waste sent to Malaysia for recycling is not recycled at all, but burned (adding to air pollution) or simply dumped. The countries the West is sending its waste to are so overwhelmed by it, that it has led to public and environmental health crises that little is ever heard about. 絕大多數西方人以為會合理處理的垃圾,並未如此,導致在他國形成危機 “The international waste trade system itself is broken and based on false assumptions about what really happens to waste,”reenpeace campaigner Heng Kiah ChunoldEco-Business. 國際廢物貿易系統已經失衡 Recycling may be all well and good — if the systems in place work — but real problem, experts say, is over-production of plastic in general. Governments around the world have indeed been moving to reduce the production of unnecessary plastic. 真正的問題在於塑膠的過度使用 ALSO ON RT.COMJapan finds itself buried in plastic waste after China stops importing world’s trash As well as banning plastic waste imports, India haset a goalo phase out single-use plastics by 2022. The EUgreed to banome single-use plastics including disposable plates, cutlery, straws, plastic cotton buds and drink stirrers last year, in an effort to combat marine pollution. A whopping 60 percent of the 25.8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste produced in the EU every year is from packaging, much of which is eventually shipped off to be dealt with somewhere in Asia. 印度將在二零二二禁止一手塑膠。 But small steps in this direction are not enough, campaigners argue. Shiva said that plastic is just吶ne symptom of an ecological crisis"hat goes hand in hand with the fact that local, sustainable food systems have been吳estroyed.” “If you promote local food where there's a farmers' market — and I go with my cloth bag and pick up the vegetables for the week, there will be no plastic and there will be better food, and there will be less disease — and there'll be less climate change,”she said. 如果大家使用當地產品,將減少塑膠使用 Eventually, plastic could just become literally a problem for everyone on earth even though it was once hailed as a scientific breakthrough, Shimatsu warned. Plastic is increasingly looking like one of those scientific miracles from the postwar years like nuclear energy, with a downside far worse than any benefit. 4.完整新聞連結 (或短網址): https://www.rt.com/news/454003-india-plastic-ban-recycling-crisis/ 5.備註: 把主旨翻譯了一下,這議題滿有意思的 https://i.imgur.com/o8fXJRf.jpg
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