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來源: Basketball News 網址: https://tinyurl.com/y6cne8fa Kevin Durant had to relearn how to walk, run and jump Kevin Durant得要重新學習如何走路,跑步跟跳 Exactly 548 days after he ruptured his Achilles tendon, Kevin Durant vividly described his recovery as a process in which he had to relearn how to walk and how to run in the early stages of his rehabilitation. 在KD的阿基里斯腱斷裂後足足548天後,他生動的描述在他復健的初期,他得要重新學習走 路跟跑步的過程。 “It was definitely new. I never experienced anything close to that," Durant said. "Learning how to walk again, not walking and getting assistance in everything you do those first 3-4 months was tough. I’ve been through surgeries and injuries before, but the longest recovery I had was three months. 「對我來說是全新的體驗,我從沒經歷過接近這樣程度的事情,」KD說。「在復健剛開始 的前三四個月,重新學走路,或者走路不用幫忙,或者做其他的事情是很難的。我以前有 過手術,也受傷過,但是那些治療最多就是三個月。」 “The first days of the Achilles was three months long. Couldn’t walk or run, had to use a scooter, so I think those milestones, and learning how to walk, run and jump again, that’s underestimated. People don’t realize that. The Achilles, that ligament, is one of the strongest ligaments in your body, but after it pops, you have to build that back up.” 「而阿基里斯腱傷的最早期治療就已經要三個月。不能走路或跑步,得要用滑板車。所以 那些復健中的重點,以及重新學習走路,跑步跟跳躍,那些都是低估的了,大家是不了解 這些的。阿基里斯腱是身體裡面最強壯的韌帶之一,而在它斷掉之後,得要慢慢的把它重 新建立起來。」 Durant spoke after going through an individual workout in Brooklyn on the first day of training camp. The entire Nets team cannot practice together until Saturday under NBA rules, and there will be a very short amount of together time before the Nets open the 2020-21 preseason on Sunday, Dec. 13, against the Washington Wizards. Their regular-season schedule has not yet been announced. 在參加籃網第一天訓練營的個別訓練後,KD說了這些。因為聯盟的規定,在星期六之前, 籃網整隊不能夠一起訓練,這距離12/13星期天2020-21籃網季前賽開幕面對華盛頓巫師剩 下非常短的時間。籃網的正規賽季賽程到目前還沒有宣布。 That first exhibition game could mark the returns of both Durant and John Wall from ruptured Achilles tendons, and Durant said he had a “deep convo” with Wall about how they've been sidelined for such a long period of time. 這第一場熱身賽將會宣告KD跟John Wall兩個都受了阿基里斯腱傷後的正式回歸,而KD說他 跟Wall有過深談,講到他們在因傷得要坐在場邊有過如此長的時間。 Durant, who was mostly unemotional during his Zoom interview as part of Media Week, took issue with reports that he had spoken about joining forces with James Harden while working out in Los Angeles. Those reports prompted a flood of news articles about Harden wanting to be traded to the Nets. 在媒體週,KD用Zoom接受訪問,大部分時間都沒有甚麼情緒,但是對於在洛杉磯復健有記 者報導說他跟James Harden有講過一起打球的這件事有些意見。那些報導很多講到鬍子想 要被交易到籃網。 “I don’t know where you’re making these stories that me and James talked about any of this at a workout," Durant said. "I don’t know where any of that came from. James is a friend of mine, but I let the front office handle all that stuff. I was just focused on working out. 「我不知道你們這些人哪裡捏造出這些故事的,說我跟鬍子在一起訓練的時候有講到那 些,」KD說。「我搞不清楚這些消息是哪裡來的,鬍子是我的朋友,但是我讓制服組去處 理這一類的事情,我那時候只有專注在訓練上。」 “I heard all the noise, and I heard that James potentially wanted to come to the Nets. But anybody can make up stories and write a story and it gets some traction. But nothing is ever set in stone until it’s set in stone.” 「我有聽到那些流言蜚語,我有聽到說鬍子想要來籃網,但是任何一個人都可以編造出一 堆故事,然後寫出來,得到一些注意。但是,在一切沒有確定之前,都是空話。」 When Durant returns, it will be his first game since June 10, 2019, when he was injured in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. He was still with the Golden State Warriors then. After joining the Nets last offseason, he spent the 2019-20 season in street clothes, then caught coronavirus in March. 而當KD正式回歸的那日,那就會是他在2019年6/10總冠賽Game 5面對暴龍受傷後的第一場 比賽,那時候他還是勇士球員。而在加入籃網後,他2019-20賽季就都沒有上場,然後在三 月的時候感染了武漢肺炎。 He was one of several members of the team to contract COVID-19, which new coach Steve Nash said might just be a benefit to the team because so many players now know what having coronavirus entails. 他是籃網隊裡面幾位得到武漢肺炎的人之一,而新教練Steve Nash說這可能對球隊來說是 好事,因為這樣很多球員對於武漢肺炎就會有了警覺。 Durant said he did not pick up any new hobbies during his rehab and sort of enjoyed his ”me time” away from the day-to-day obligations that come with being an NBA player. At the same time, he sounded eager to return, but cautioned that at 32 years old -- and with 988 career regular-season and postseason games under his belt -- he may never be able to describe himself as “100 percent.” KD說他在復健的過程並沒有找到新的興趣,他就是享受了屬於他"自己"的時間,遠離成為 NBA球員每日得要做的義務。不過,在此同時,他聽起來也很期待想要回來打球,但是他已 經32歲了,正規賽加季後賽打了988場比賽,他很有可能沒辦法回到原本的狀態。 Nets general manager Sean Marks also addressed the Harden rumblings, saying he tries to explain to players that rumors and speculation are a part of the NBA life, and the best thing to stay focused on is the task at hand on any given day. Nash ducked a question about Harden. 籃網總管Sean Marks也講到有關鬍子的乳摸,他說他試著跟球員解釋,這些乳摸跟猜測是 NBA球員生活的一部分,而最好處理的方式就是專注在眼前的工作,而總管Nash則是迴避了 有關鬍子的問題。 It is questionable whether Harden would even be a good fit for a Nets team that already has a ball-dominant player in Kyrie Irving and a former MVP in Durant, and those two will play alongside a core that includes Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan at center, Joe Harris and Caris LeVert on the wings and Spencer Dinwiddie and new acquisitions Jeff Green and Bruce Brown anchoring the bench. 籃網已經有了一個很需要球權的Kyrie Irving以及一個前MVP球員KD,這兩位將會跟球隊裡 的其他核心球員包括中鋒DeAnfre Jordan,Joe Harris跟Caris LeVert兩個側翼,以及 Spencer Dinwiddie,還有新加入的Jeff Green跟Bruce Brown在板凳,所以鬍子來籃網到 底適不適合還是個問題。 Nash said it was probably unrealistic to expect either Durant or Irving (shoulder surgery) to play all 72 games. 教練Nash說對於要KD或者接受肩部手術的KI打滿72場比賽是不切實際的。 But just having Durant and Irving on the court together for a single game is something the Nets have waited on for nearly a year-and-a-half, so anything positive that results from their pairing will have been worth the wait. 但是即使KD跟KI兩個人一起在球場打了一場比賽,那就是籃網在一年半的等待所殷切盼 望的。所以,只要這兩個人一起打球有加分的效果,那這一切的等待就值了。 -- KD: KD要回來啦! --
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