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Thank You, Utah July 4 2017 GORDON HAYWARD SMALL FORWARD / NBA This has been the toughest decision that I’ve ever had to make in my life. This weekend has probably been the longest weekend of my life. And today … well, today has definitely been one of the craziest days of my life. But I wanted to make sure that I got this right. 這一個決定,是我這輩子到目前為止做過最困難的決定,這個週末也大概是最難熬的一次 而今天...嗯..,今天絕對是我生命中最瘋狂的日子之一。但我想要知道,這麼做的是對的 As you can see, it’s taken me a while, and thanks to everyone for their patience. I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I’ve had with my wife, Robyn, and the rest of my inner-circle, since the season ended, and all the way up to this evening — just going through every possible angle, in every potential direction. 就像大家都知道的,我需要一點時間去面對這個困難的決定,非常感謝大家的耐心。在球季 結束後一直到今天晚上,我根本沒辦法一一細數到底我跟我太太 Robyn、還有我身旁的人談 過多少次,從各種不同的角度、各種不同的可能性去討論我的未來。 My meetings with all three teams during this process — Miami, Boston and Utah — were just unbelievable. They couldn’t have been more impressive. Each meeting left me convinced that the team I’d just met with was the right fit. And even after I slept on it last night, while I was leaning heavily in one direction … I still wasn’t 100-percent convinced about what I wanted to do. 在這段期間我與三個不同的球隊會面的過程 - 邁阿密熱火波士頓塞爾提克猶他爵士都 非常的美好。這三支球隊都已經讓我非常非常印象深刻。在每一次會面完後,我都覺得「就 是這個球隊了」。即便到了昨天晚上,我已經決定踏往其中一條道路時,我還是沒辦法100% 肯定我是不是真的選好了。 What’s crazy is — before I even had a chance to make my decision, before I had a chance to sit down and write this, and before I even had a chance to talk about it with the people I love — I was already reading reports about where I was going. And I guess that’s just the way things work, in 2017. But I’m sorry it had to work out like that. 你知道最瘋狂的是什麼嗎,在我根本還沒有想清楚前、在我根本還沒有機會好好坐下來動筆 前,還有在我根本還沒有跟我愛的人討論以前,我已經在在報導上看到我要去哪裡了。我猜 想,好吧2017年可能就是這麼搞吧。但我還是很抱歉是用這樣的方式讓大家知道。 This was a life-changing decision for me and my family, and something we took really seriously. And from the very start of this process, one thing stood out as important: I knew that I wanted the fans and the organizations to hear my decision directly from me. 這是一個人生交叉路口的抉擇,對我和我的家庭而言都是,也是我們非常深思熟慮的決定。 然而打從這個過程的一開始,我知道我想要球迷以及各個球團們,是直接從我這裡聽見我的 答案。 After seven years in Utah, I have decided to join the Boston Celtics. 在猶他人生的7年後,我決定要加入波士頓塞爾提克隊。 I know that will be tough to hear for Jazz fans — and I really want you all to know that you mean the world to me and my family. Over the past few days, I’ve been genuinely torn. And I know that this process isn’t easy on the fans, either. So I just want to be as straight-up as possible about why I’m coming to Boston. 我知道這對爵士球迷而言,是個很難接受的答案,我也真心的希望你們都能知道,對我和我 的家庭而言,你們是我的一切。在過去的幾天當中,我真的是天人交戰。我也同樣清楚,對 球迷來說這個過程也是很不好受。所以我覺得我盡可能的坦然面對我要踏上波士頓的旅途。 First, though, if you don’t mind, I would really like to just take a moment and express how much these last seven years in Utah have meant to me. Because there’s only one fair way to say it: They’ve meant everything. 首先,當然如果你們願意的話,我想花一點時間真心的表達,在過去的7年的猶他人生,對 我而言有多麼大的意義。因為只能用一句話形容,那是我的一切。 When I got to Salt Lake City, in the summer of 2010 — I know it’s a cliché, but man, it’s the truth: I was just a kid. I remember the drive. I drove all the way there, with my dad, from Indiana to Salt Lake City, just to save money. I knew I had all of these expectations as a top 10 pick … but at the same time, I was only 20. This was my first job away from home. And I was so nervous about everything that was in front of me. I remember my first real routine as a pro — finding a Subway near me (well, a mile or two away), and just walking there, every day, so I could use my Subway card like I always had. And that was really it for me, at first: Practice, and Subway, and video games. I was pretty closed off. 回想起2010年的夏天,那是我第一次與鹽湖城相遇的時刻,我知道可能有點陳腔濫調,但 天啊,我說真的: 我當時只是個孩子。我記得那次開車,因為想省錢,我跟我爸一路從 印第安納開到鹽湖城,我也知道我當時身上擔負著「前10順位新秀」的期望,但當時說起來 我也才不過20歲。這是我第一份遠離家鄉的工作,而我當時對於一切即將要面對的事情,都 超緊張的。我記得我第一天身為球員後上工,就是找一家離我最近的 Subway(好啦也要1-2 miles),然後為了像我之前一樣使用我的 Subway卡,我就是每天到那去報到。然後一開始 真的就是每天都這麼過: 練球、Subway、打電動。我真的超宅。 And then I just think about how far I’ve come during my time here. I’ve truly grown up in Salt Lake. I’ve become a man, and I’ve become a professional. I’ ve gone from being a kid … to now having a wife and two kids. I’ve gone from having anxiety over leaving my family … to now having a family of my own. A lot has happened to me during my time here, and I honestly can’t think of any part of it that I haven’t cherished. This is a special place, and I know that the impression it’s made on me will long outlast the impression I’ve made on it. 然後我才想到一路過來我的猶他人生。我真的在鹽湖城成長了好多。我變成了一個男人, 我也變得更成熟更專業。一路從一個孩子‧‧‧走到現在我有了妻子還有兩個小孩。從 離開我的家鄉、我的家人而很感到緊張焦慮,到現在我也組了自己的家庭。在這邊我度過了 太多人生的大小事,我真的不能想像,我能不去愛任何在這發生的一切。這是一個好特別的 地方,而我知道這個地方在我身上烙印下的,將會比我在這留下的更深遠流長。 The Jazz organization, and everyone there who’s played a part over the course of my career in Utah … more than anything else, they’re the people who make this decision so difficult. Steve Stark, and the entire Miller family — they’ re first-class in everything they do. Dennis Lindsey — if there’s anyone who’ s most responsible for the winning culture in Salt Lake, it’s him. I really could just go on here, naming people, forever. 給爵士球團,還有任何一個在我爵士生涯中與我參與的人們,沒有任何比得上你們,也因為 你們,才讓這個決定如此艱難。Steve Stark,還有所有 Miller 家族的成員,不管做什麼 你們都是最棒的。Dennis Lindsey,如果要說是誰,在鹽湖城建立起的球隊追求勝利的文化 ,那個人就是你。我真的可以在這一直坐在這,一一訴說、提及好多好多人。 I was literally the last Jazz player left who played under Coach Sloan — and I always took that as a lot more than just some piece of trivia. That was something that truly made me feel like a part of the fabric of this franchise. And that fabric is something that has meant a lot to me, ever since. 說起來我也是最後一個,曾經在 Sloan 教練麾下效力過的爵士球員,我也永遠不會把這件 事當作微不足道的小事。因為這是一個真正讓我覺得,可以認定自己成為了爵士歷史上的 其中的一個章節,然而從認定自己那之後,對我來說真是無比的重要。 And there are so many people who have been a part of that fabric, who have made such a huge impact on my life — people who a lot of casual fans probably don’ t even know. And when I think about leaving Utah now … those are some of the people who I’m going to miss the most. 還有好多的人,也曾經是記載在冊中,這些人對我來說也成就今天的我,這些人可能也 是好多球迷不知道的人物。而當我想到我要離開猶他了‧‧‧這些人我將會很想念的。 I think about our assistant coach, Mark McKown, who has been with me from Day One. I remember he took me to Santa Barbara as a rookie, with Jeremy Evans, back when he was our strength coach — he called us G-Dilly and J-Dally. Because we were rookies, and “all we did was dillydally.” I doubt I’ll ever remember that and not smile. 我們的助理教練 Mark McKown,這個打從第一天起就與我相伴的人。我還記得當我還是新秀 而他還是我們的體能教練時,他帶著我和 Jeremy Evans 到 Santa Barbara,他總是叫我們 兩個 G-Dilly還有J-Dally,因為我們當時還很菜,他常常說我們都在混。我想我應該回憶 這些都會笑吧。 I think about Doug Birrell, who’s our massage therapist — who was there from the start, with John and Karl. And we’ve just had … man, just hours and hours of conversation, over the years. Everything from arguments, to debates, to heart-to-hearts. Stuff that would never be repeated — which is something you really learn to value as a professional athlete. But that’s how it’s always felt within this organization. There’s always been real friendship here. There ’s a circle of trust. 我們的按摩治療師 Doug Birrell,他可是在 John & Karl 時期就在爵士的呢。我們有過 ‧‧‧天啊,在這幾年間,聊天不下幾百個小時吧。所有包含意見相左、辯論,到真心相待 。你很難再遇到這樣的情誼了,也是你真正學會,怎麼去珍惜當一個專業運動員。但這也是 你一直以來在這個組織下感受到的。在這我們有著真正的友誼,在這我們也是互相信賴。 I think about Isaiah Wright, who’s now our strength coach — but when I got there he was just a pudgy little ball boy. And we’re about the same age, so in a lot of ways we’ve grown up together, and worked our way up together in the franchise. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work he’s put in with me, just to make me a better basketball player. Oh yeah — and that one party he invited me to, back when I was a rookie. Isaiah Wright,現在是我們的體能教練,但我剛來時,他還只是個矮矮胖胖的小球僮勒。 因為我們年紀相仿,所以我們也可以算得上是一起成長,一路走到現在在球隊中的角色。 跟他一起合作,對於他投入在我身上的付出,我的感激之情很難言喻,他讓我成為一個更 好的籃球員。喔對了,他曾經在我還是菜鳥的時候,邀請我去參加一個派對。 I think about all of the great teammates I’ve had here, like Jeremy. I’ll never forget — 2012, Jeremy is in the dunk contest, and I’m supposed to help him with a dunk. And it’s the night before, and we’re at our hotel in Orlando … and we’re like two kids who didn’t study before the final. We’ve got nothing. And man, we’re just panicking, we’ve got no ideas, we’re trying to think of something. And then we finally end up finding this ratty little YMCA court, near the hotel, at like 3 in the morning, and we try to get a few reps in. And that’s when Jeremy thinks up his dunk where I toss him two balls at once. So we practice it one time, literally once, and that’s it. Totally wing it. And of course Jeremy ends up nailing it, and winning the dunk contest. 所有曾經我在這的好隊友們,像是 Jeremy。我永遠不會忘記你們的,想起在2012 Jeremy去 參加灌籃大賽,我當時要在那協助完成他的灌籃表演。就在大賽的前一晚,我們當時在奧蘭 多的旅館裡,我們就像兩個臨時抱佛腳的學生。要考試了還什麼都沒唸,然後兩個人嚇個半 死,完全不知道要表演啥,在那想破頭。然後終於我們在旅館附近,找到一個又小又破的 YMCA球場,當時大概是凌晨三點,我們嘗試了一下幾招。所以 Jermey 也是在那個時候,想 到我同時把兩顆球拋給他的招式。當晚我們就開始練,大概也就練那麼一次,收工,考場見 。最後當然 Jeremy 把獎盃抱走,贏得了灌籃大賽。 I think about Coach Snyder, who, our first conversation, when we met for dinner after he was hired — we didn’t even talk basketball once. Not a single word. It was just life … and family … and who we were as individuals. As a coach, Coach Snyder is incredible in every aspect of the game. His leadership, his unique ability to motivate, and his insane attention to detail are such special qualities that I will miss so much. There’s a lot of people I have to thank for where I am today as a basketball player, but honestly none more than Coach Snyder. Snyder教練,我們當時在他上任後的第一次對話,我們根本沒有聊籃球。一個字都沒聊到。 全都在聊人生、家庭,還有我們個人經歷。作為一個教練,Snyder教練在任何層面,真的是 讓人沒話說。他的領導風範、他激勵人心的特異功能,還有他察覺細節的鬼神能力,我都不 會忘記的。還有好多好多那些我想答謝,那些讓我成為今天的我的人。但坦白說,都不及 Snyder教練。 I think about Johnnie Bryant, a guy who was a developmental coach when I first got here, and now he’s on the bench as an assistant. This past summer was probably the most important summer of my career, basketball-wise — just training to really take that next step as a player. And Johnnie, he’s just the best there is — he was right there, every step of the way, with me. He’s the guy who was having me work out with Kobe. He’s the guy who was sending me texts, late at night, early in the morning, just encouraging me, pushing me, “ study this video,” “look at this game film.” He’s really the guy, at the end of the day, who found the All-Star in me. Johnnie Bryant,當時我剛到的時候,他是我們的開發(發展)教練,現在他跟我們一樣,以 助理教練的身分,與我們一起坐在板凳上。過去的上個夏天,以籃球角度而言,專注於訓練 生涯中最重要的夏天,專注訓練自己,成為更好的球員。而 Johnnie,就是他的功勞,他從 頭到尾都與我一起一步一步的練、他是讓我可以跟Kobe 一起訓練的人、他是那個日夜不停 的傳簡訊給我的人,鼓勵我、鞭策我,「看一下這個影片」、「看一下這個比賽錄影」。 他真的就是這樣,最後,他找到了我體內全明星的潛力。 And then I just think of the people of Utah, in general. They say that Salt Lake is a great place to raise a family — and I know that sounds like something people just say. But you spend enough time here … and you realize that it’s true. And for me, as far as that goes — I feel like I’m indebted to Salt Lake, twice over. Because not only has this been the city where I’ve started my family, and not only has this been the city that’s helped raise my daughters for the last couple of years … but long before that, during my first few years in the league — I also feel like this city helped raise me. And I feel like this city took me in, as part of its own family. 在猶他的大家,人們都說,鹽湖城是一個養兒育女很棒的地方,我知道,這聽起來只是隨口 說說。但你真的在這生活夠長的時間後,你才會知道這是真的。對我而言某個程度上來說, 我覺得我欠了鹽湖城一份恩情,可以說兩份。因為這裡不只是一個我開始自己組織家庭的地 方,也不只是過去幾年,養育我兩個女兒的地方,回朔到最初到開始職業生涯的前幾年, 我覺得這個城市也養育了我,它接納了我,讓我成為鹽湖城大家庭的一份子。 And I just wanted to say thank you for that. 我只是想說,謝謝你。 And thank you for everything. 謝謝你為我做的一切。 The last time I had a decision this tough … it was in college, during my sophomore year, after we lost to Duke in the national championship game. I’d gotten on NBA radars as a result of my play that March, and there were projections that I might even be a first-round pick in the draft. And so I had a decision to make: Should I leave my comfort zone at Butler and move on to the NBA? Or should I stay another year, and give it another go, and try to finish what we’d started — try to win a championship? 回顧起上一次,我面臨這麼掙扎的抉擇時,是當我第二年,在我們在全國大賽爭冠,輸給 杜克大學後。因為在三月的表現,我被NBA球探給注意到,有人預測我將會晉升到第一輪 選秀名單中。當時我面臨到一個選擇: 我應該離開Bulter大學的舒適圈投身NBA,還是應該 再多留一年,不管選秀,去努力完成我們最初的目標,贏得NCAA的總冠軍? It was such a tough decision. But there was one person who I knew I could talk to about it from every angle, who I knew would give me the smartest and most honest perspective available: Coach Stevens. 當時真的也是超難選擇。但我知道有一個人,在我不管面對任何事情都可以討論的人,一個 我知道他會給我最有智慧,也最由衷的建議: Stevens教練。 Coach Stevens was so great about it, all of it. He helped me lay out my options, and talked it through from both sides … but in the end, when I needed it, he also gave me my space. And he also let me know that it was my choice to make — and that he would be there for me, on the other side of it, either way. And of course I ended up deciding to leave: I declared for the draft, and got drafted, and started my new NBA life in Utah. But it always meant a lot to me, to know how, in that moment, even with our lives at this strange crossroads together, Coach Stevens was someone I could count on. Stevens教練真的很棒,不管任何層面都是。他幫助我勾勒出兩個選擇的路線藍圖,並仔細 的一一分析,但最後,當我需要靜下來好好沉澱時,他也會給我空間。他也讓我知道,最終 的決定權在我,而不管如何、不管我最後去哪,他也都會在我身旁支持我。當時大家也都知 道事情的發展,我後來選擇投入選秀,也被選到而後開啟我在猶他的職業生涯。但對我而言 那真的很重要,去知道如何面對,即便未來將不在肩並肩的走往不同的方向,Stevens是我 可以託付的人。 And I guess it’s pretty crazy. Because seven years later, I had to make an even tougher decision — and again, Coach Stevens and I found ourselves at a crossroads together. And again, he was the person I knew I could count on the most. 我想這聽起來很不可思議,因為7年後,我竟然要面對更艱難的抉擇,同樣的,Stevens教練 與我又在人生的交叉口碰面,也同樣的,這一次我依然知道,他還是那個我可以託付的人。 And now I’ve decided to sign with the Boston Celtics. 而我現在,也決定要跟波士頓塞爾提克簽約了。 There were so many great things pulling me in that direction. There was the winning culture of Boston, as a city — from the Sox, to the Pats, to the Bruins. There was the special history of the Celtics, as a franchise — from Russell, to Bird, to Pierce, and it goes on. There was the amazing potential of this current Celtics roster, as a team — from ownership, to the front office, to a talented roster with Isaiah, and Al, and everyone else. And of course, there was Coach Stevens: Not just for the relationship that we’ve built off the court — but also for the one that we started building on the court, all of those years ago, in Indiana. 有太多很棒的因素,吸引我投身波士頓的決定。在波士頓有著追求勝利的文化,從紅襪隊 到新英格蘭愛國者隊,在到NHL的波士頓棕熊隊。波士頓塞爾提克,也有著獨特的歷史, 從 Bill Russell、再到 Larry Bird、到 Paul Pierce等等的偉大球星。現有的陣容中也 是天賦濟濟,而球隊本身,從領導層、到制服組、再到不單單只是交情好,幾年前我們也在 印第安納從零開始,打造屬於我們場上陣容的 Stevens 教練。 And that unfinished business we had together, back in 2010, when I left Butler for the NBA … as far as I’m concerned, all of these years later, we still have it: 而在2010年,當我為了追求NBA離開 Butler 後,我們那未完成的理想‧‧即便在這麼年後 依然還縈繞在我心頭: And that’s to win a championship. 那就是成為冠軍。 https://www.theplayerstribune.com/gordon-hayward-decision-free-agency-nba/ -- Only The Strong Survive -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/NBA/M.1499240530.A.3BA.html
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16F:重點整理:Brad Stevens<3 07/05 15:49
17F:BOS的確比較靠近拉 東區競爭相對少一點 07/05 15:50
18F:推翻譯 懶人包:比起猶他這個鬼地方,波士頓太舒適啦 07/05 15:50
19F:前面不錯啊 後面很傷爵迷 07/05 15:50
20F:明年還是騎勇大戰吧 後年就不知道了 07/05 15:51
21F:感人QQ 07/05 15:51
22F:謝謝你的貢獻 黑蛙 07/05 15:51
※ 編輯: taylorliao (, 07/05/2017 15:53:20
23F:我以為他之前說想再幫BS打球是場面話沒想到居然是真 07/05 15:52
24F:的 07/05 15:52
25F:能家也是看報紙才知道der 所以只好被加入 哈 07/05 15:53
26F:後面就是寫波士頓有贏球傳統。(猶他沒有?) 07/05 15:53
27F:And thank you for everything. 如果只到這就好惹 07/05 15:53
28F:感覺有之前的大學教練真的占很大一部分因素 07/05 15:53
29F:波士頓可以拿到總冠軍(猶他拿不到) 07/05 15:53
30F:練球、Subway、打電動。我真的超宅。 07/05 15:54
31F:後面聽起來像我要冠軍 爵士做不到 07/05 15:54
※ 編輯: taylorliao (, 07/05/2017 15:55:52
32F:應該是青賽目前戰績好又在東區的關係吧 07/05 15:55
33F:YES 很婊猶他xd 07/05 15:55
34F:你知道最瘋狂的是什麼嗎,在我根本還沒有想清楚前、 07/05 15:55
35F:在我根本還沒有機會好好坐下來動筆 07/05 15:55
36F:前,還有在我根本還沒有跟我愛的人討論以前,我已經 07/05 15:55
37F:在在報導上看到我要去哪裡了。我猜 07/05 15:55
38F:想,好吧2017年可能就是這麼搞吧。但我還是很抱歉是 07/05 15:55
39F:用這樣的方式讓大家知道。 07/05 15:55
40F:真的 最後捧教練BS 跟 Boston的部分蠻多餘的 07/05 15:55
41F:青賽雖然不是很強 但是在東區僅次於騎士 爵士要摸到 07/05 15:56
42F:跟老大一起訓練 07/05 15:56
43F:就是個七年後跟初戀情人重逢的故事( ? _ ? ) 07/05 15:56
44F:別忘了狗貝才為他打筆戰。被IT噴。哈你們沒總冠軍過 07/05 15:56
45F:西決的地板好像還滿遠的 太多超級球星了... 07/05 15:56
46F:然後現在寫一封信說 我想拿總冠軍xd 07/05 15:56
47F:我覺得有些轉隊帳面上的理由看看就好XD 當初魔獸去 07/05 15:57
48F:難怪狗貝IG會這樣子xd 07/05 15:57
49F:火箭說因為冰箱是傳奇禁區才去 誰信這是主因XD 07/05 15:57
50F:也是 爵士隊史無冠 10年來養出的當家明星都跑光光 07/05 15:57
51F:帥哥教練的吸引力太大 黑蛙跟他的淵源很深 07/05 15:58
52F:Stevens 和bulter大學 還有他的故事還蠻可惜的 就差 07/05 15:58
53F:一點點 07/05 15:58
54F:跑很正常拉 綠軍自己神主牌PP都跑了XDDD 07/05 15:59
55F:最後一句可以煽情一點看成他想完成大學時沒跟帥哥一 07/05 15:59
56F:起拿冠軍的遺憾(雖然都是拿冠軍啦XD 07/05 15:59
57F:又要扯到pp幹嘛= =pp是被交易 跟FA有甚麼關係 07/05 16:00
58F:連這都有KOBE 太神啦 07/05 16:00
59F:狗貝今天直接送他中指不是? XD 07/05 16:01
60F:不要斷章取義... 07/05 16:02
61F:放心啦 這次離冠軍會差得更遠 07/05 16:02
62F:推 07/05 16:02
63F:推 07/05 16:03
64F:也是 PP那個算是兩邊都好的確不太一樣 好吧我更正xd 07/05 16:03
65F:反正就是東區比較好刷數據 刷明星賽 刷東冠的概念XD 07/05 16:03
66F:現在大咖只要不留母隊 就會被酸的不要不要的 笑死 07/05 16:03
67F:後面別寫可能還比較看得下去 07/05 16:04
68F:東決地板比較好摸 在爵士只能摸西爵地板 07/05 16:04
69F:看完還蠻感人的Q_Q 希望他可以跟教練一起拿一座冠軍 07/05 16:06
70F:自家養出來All Star就這樣走了 感到難過 07/05 16:06
71F:祝福黑蛙 07/05 16:07
72F:東區太舒適啦 07/05 16:10
73F:PP跑了???他是被交易欸 07/05 16:10
74F:信裡還感謝了蠻多人的,結果還是一些人只看最後一段 07/05 16:10
75F:就恐怖情人只會在那挑刺啊 07/05 16:11
76F:eirose大不是要睡了嗎xd 07/05 16:12
77F:講認真的爵士根本沒把人家好好的當球星當老大 07/05 16:13
78F:趕圖阿...有個版不能去了只能待總版 07/05 16:13
79F:有老大 07/05 16:13
80F:波士頓的職業球隊是真的都蠻厲害的,這城市也不大 07/05 16:14
81F:我們必須把他綁起來然後燒掉 07/05 16:15
82F:呃。你跟我說BOSTON不大? 07/05 16:15
83F:你把最後去波士頓第一段修改 然後下面刪掉 這觀感 07/05 16:16
84F:他也考慮了很久呀!來波士頓不是因為這邊比較好拿冠 07/05 16:16
85F:軍,而是七年前他在NCAA冠軍賽落敗後,就直接加入NB 07/05 16:16
86F:A了,沒拿到NCAA冠軍是他跟CBS心中很深的遺憾,所以 07/05 16:16
87F:他想來幫CBS完成未竟之功,超感人的呀! 07/05 16:16
88F:會好很多wwww 07/05 16:16
89F:要看你界定大是多大,可能我覺得這都會區全美約第10 07/05 16:17
90F:算還好不大. 對比所謂的大真的有差 07/05 16:17
91F:BOS是大城市吧... 07/05 16:17
92F:波士頓真的不大啊.... 但在"運動"上 絕對"大" 07/05 16:17
93F:所以看起來教練還是重要的誘因~還可以拉.. 07/05 16:17
94F:謝謝星海哥 到了波士頓還是會繼續支持你 07/05 16:18
95F:跟猶他比不知道大了幾倍 07/05 16:18
96F:就很像歐洲一些國家真的不大,但足球風氣好又強一樣 07/05 16:18
97F:Real GDP by metropolitan area 2014 是全美第九 07/05 16:20
98F:他真的愛帥哥教練 07/05 16:20
99F:1.NY、2LA 3 Chicago 4 dallas 5 houston 07/05 16:20
100F:ㄍㄢˇㄖㄣˊㄊㄨㄟˉ 07/05 16:21
101F:我覺得最後一段寫給他的球迷沒有不可以阿 也許對爵 07/05 16:21
102F:士迷來說 前面就夠了 但對他的球迷來說 告訴他們為 07/05 16:21
103F:什麼要去超賽很有必要性 07/05 16:21
104F:6 WA、7SF 8 費城 9波士頓 07/05 16:21
105F:Current-dollar GDP by metropolitan area boston 07/05 16:22
106F:第九 塩湖城第.......43xd 07/05 16:22
107F:不過我翻了一下爵士的隊版 似乎當初簽合約就沒有很 07/05 16:23
108F:多人看好了說 07/05 16:23
109F:波士頓算大城市哦,畢竟很早就開發,但氣候糟 07/05 16:24
110F:大西洋沿岸的都會區因為早開發,所以人口都蠻多的 07/05 16:25
111F:覺得只是老二老三的份憑什麼拿那麼多薪水… 07/05 16:25
112F:OK的啦 去東區就能打明星賽跟東冠了 很棒吧 07/05 16:27
113F:gobert QQ 07/05 16:28
114F:為什麼自由球員轉隊都要被酸,不是「自由」球員嗎? 07/05 16:29
115F:就為了寫這廢文還否定消息XDDDDDD 07/05 16:30
116F:其實NBA這環境真的很高壓 看到前面20歲那段就有感 07/05 16:30
117F:推 07/05 16:30
118F:雖然他們的年薪也是爆炸高 07/05 16:30
119F:除非像PG這樣心有所屬 不然一般會面幾天做決定 07/05 16:31
120F:真的蠻難的吧…… 07/05 16:32
122F:看一下吧 07/05 16:32
123F:翻的好順 07/05 16:35
124F:氣候好又要大城市根本手指頭數得完 07/05 16:38
125F:LA SF HOU DAL MIA 應該沒了 07/05 16:39
126F:他當年離開stevens投入nba 現在也算回去找教練了 07/05 16:39
127F:推 07/05 16:39
128F:美東跟大湖區冬天都冷得要死 其他內陸幾乎都小城市 07/05 16:40
129F:呵呵隨便啦 我只想看鄉民表演雙重標準 07/05 16:47
130F:感覺就在說:在爵士拿不到冠軍 所以我要去塞爾提克 07/05 16:47
131F:還ok阿 07/05 16:51
132F:所以星海哥能去波士頓,個人還是覺得有勇氣 07/05 16:54
133F:寫的很好,蠻動人的 07/05 16:57
134F:要分手其實不需要那麼多屁話= = 07/05 16:58
135F:很感人啊!加油! 07/05 16:59
136F:幹話王 07/05 16:59
137F:大推翻譯,翻譯很好 07/05 17:00
138F:寫這麼多還是被燒球衣了,幫QQ 07/05 17:03
139F:那麼多幹話一句總結:我要去抱腿拿冠軍惹( ^.< ) 07/05 17:05
140F:小市場的球隊真的很無奈,坦到也練起來了就走了 07/05 17:09
141F:現在好不少了 還可以用母隊大約去拚看看 07/05 17:12
142F:甚麼都不說跟 寫一堆感性文 也會有酸民靠北 07/05 17:19
143F:被酸是因為他歹戲拖棚,去Bos的理由,不用去會面也 07/05 17:29
144F:知道,早想分手卻不說。 07/05 17:29
145F:翻的好! 07/05 17:29
146F:讚讚 07/05 17:42
147F:推 07/05 17:43
148F:推用心翻譯 07/05 17:50
149F:如果先把分區冠軍或地板列為短期目標的話星海哥這樣 07/05 17:51
150F:很感人欸QQ 07/05 17:52
151F:也很合理啦 畢竟相對東區來說西區怪物太多而且簽4年 07/05 17:52
152F:如果沒有大咖或新秀神選之子降臨東區 姆斯一老超賽 07/05 17:53
153F:的確很有機會 07/05 17:53
154F:掰掰啦!爵爵!! 07/05 18:23
155F:很長的廢文還是廢文 07/05 18:24
156F:看得出來教練佔很大的因素阿 07/05 18:28
157F:真情流露qq 07/05 18:30
158F:Good luck! 07/05 18:37
159F:蠻感人der 07/05 18:45
160F:這篇應該已經想了好幾天了 07/05 18:57
161F:第一段最後翻翻譯好像怪怪的?翻「但我想要確保... 07/05 19:10
162F:.」是不是比較好啊? 07/05 19:10
163F:翻得很好,星海哥寫得很誠懇呀 07/05 19:36
164F:這篇超真誠 07/05 19:41
165F:他在很多訪談都提到了當年的遺憾,我不覺得那只是理 07/05 19:47
166F:由欸......有需要鋪梗鋪這麼多年嗎 07/05 19:47
167F:如果C's是籃網狀態,我是不覺得他還會寫這種文啦 07/05 20:05
168F:結論:Brad Stevens<3 07/05 20:05
169F:推翻譯 07/05 20:40
170F:感謝翻譯 07/05 21:30
171F:我再推一次 翻譯很好 07/05 21:36
172F:有發囉他網誌 就知道他文筆不錯 但還是好難過QQ 07/05 21:41
173F:真情流露q q 07/05 21:50
174F:想和初戀複合的渣男 還想跟被劈腿的女友討祝福 07/05 22:05
175F:你的意思是爵士不會奪冠?真的很沒志氣,虧你還是 07/05 22:16
176F:隊上王牌。整天只想投靠教練,你根本還沒長大。 07/05 22:16
177F:辛苦翻譯,補推。 07/05 22:19
178F:從否認到確認的這幾小時,能夠寫出這麼一篇感謝的 07/05 22:35
179F:文章,文筆真的很好 07/05 22:35
180F:真的有人相信他看到報導時還沒決定嗎... 07/05 22:39
181F:就是為了寫文章否定消息的啊 還裝死 07/05 22:39
182F:馬的滯台鹽湖城人真多 怕 07/05 22:59
183F:反觀kd 07/05 23:00
184F:想起Kung Fury的tank you 07/05 23:14
185F:寫得很棒啊!QQ 07/05 23:53
186F:又不是打不贏就加入 找恩師錯了嗎 07/06 01:43
187F:花時間想這個不如早點跟球團說自己要跳船 07/06 03:03
188F:這文章對native speaker又不用多久時間,更何況能有 07/06 03:46
189F:團隊幫忙修改. 然後最後講去波士頓的原因也是給個 07/06 03:46
190F:交代,否則他感謝爵士一堆就結束,一樣有球迷會問他那 07/06 03:47
191F:幹嘛要走?波士頓哪裡好了? 07/06 03:47
192F:很感人誒! 07/06 03:55
193F:至於提到波士頓的職業運動還真的強,四種職業隊都有, 07/06 03:55
194F:NBA一支職業球隊,確實有很大的不同 07/06 03:56
195F:NBA 17冠 MLB 8冠 NHL 6冠 NFL 5冠, 對比猶他只有 07/06 03:57
196F:NBA一支職業球隊,確實有很大的不同 07/06 03:57
197F:你真的是他媽幹話王欸= = 07/06 05:00
198F:這就得回報讓你捅了, 不送 07/06 06:29
199F:以為球員可以靠自己打到冠軍的,團隊運動靠得是體系 07/06 09:08
200F:好的制服組好的教練好的團隊氛圍才是關鍵 07/06 09:09
201F:Hayward 07/06 17:31


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