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https://bloom.bg/2OzOSMo Taipei Mayor Says Taiwan Is ‘Just a Product on a Shelf’ for Trump Taiwan must focus on making itself more valuable to President Donald Trump and accept its status as a pawn in the great power game between the U.S. and Chin a, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said. The outspoken former surgeon and potential presidential contender told Bloombe rg News that Taiwan shouldn’t overestimate the U.S.’s willingness to defend the island from an attack by its much bigger neighbor. Ko, 59, said Taiwan nee ded to boost its worth to America by strengthening shared values, such as demo cracy and economic transparency. “Taiwan is just a product on a shelf,” Ko said Wednesday at Taipei City Hall . “We have to have a very clear understanding of ourselves.” Such blunt assessments have helped make Ko one of Taiwan’s most popular polit icians since winning election as the capital city’s mayor as an independent i n 2014. Should he secure a second term in local elections Nov. 24, he’s consi dered a strong contender for president, something he repeatedly declined to ru le out. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he said. Ko attributed his political success to offering an alternative to the two fact ions who have long dominated local politics: the Kuomintang, which sees itself as the rightful ruler of a unified China, and the Democratic Progressive Part y, which aspires to independence. He’s also shaken up city policies, suspendi ng work on a 40,000-seat arena intended for last year’s University Games. “They support me because I am their only hope,” he said. “I am not perfect, but they put their hope in me because they are desperate.” Ko faces challenges from both sides during the Nov. 24 election: former lawmak ers Ting Shou-chung, of the KMT, and Pasuya Yao, of the DPP. A survey by broad caster TVBS last month found him leading Ting by 5 percentage points and Yao b y 26 percentage points. Ko -- a former ally of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen -- has attempted to br idge the divide. He outraged independence supporters when he told a Shanghai c rowd during his first year in office that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belo nged to one family -- symbolism often evoked by unification advocates. “The Taiwan issue is just a part of the tensions between the U.S. and China, ” Ko told Bloomberg. Taiwan, which has been caught between the U.S. and China since the Kuomintang- led government fled to Taipei almost 70 years ago, has reemerged as a geopolit ical flash point amid Trump’s trade war. The U.S. has taken steps to improve political and military ties with Tsai’s administration in recent months, lead ing to protests from China. Before becoming mayor, Ko spent 17 years as the head of surgery at one of Taiw an’s top hospitals. His criticism of mainstream parities and sometimes profan e outbursts in interviews have helped him amass a strong social media followin g, with 1.9 million Facebook followers, compared with Tsai’s 2.2 million. Next month’s vote will show whether Ko can translate his popularity among Tai wanese under 40 years old into votes. He’s touting openness and freedom as a source of strength for Taiwan, citing an annual gay pride march last year in T aipei that drew more than 100,000 people. “These events represent an atmosphere of freedom,” he said. “You have to go to other countries to realize Taipei is a place where there is diversity of t hought.” -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/HatePolitics/M.1539907980.A.C0D.html
1FNAGI: 姚:我覺得大家可以很清楚到看的出來 這家媒體的背後就是... 10/19 08:16
2FNAGI: ... 10/19 08:16
3Fwizardfizban: Just a Product on a Shelf ?? 10/19 08:18
4Fsyoboon1994: 姚:柯是國際級liar 10/19 08:18
5FH2: A product for Trump 10/19 08:22
6Fwizardfizban: 好吧 現實是這樣沒錯 不過看來會有不少人氣PUPU 10/19 08:23
7Fzsincerity: 還好吧,大家心知肚明 10/19 08:25
8Fwizardfizban: 某些堅信美國會防守台灣的理想派會氣PUPU呀 10/19 08:28
9Fzsincerity: 台灣不應該像棄子,應該像左右逢源的正妹 10/19 08:29
10Fcrazypeo45: 這是每個人都要有的認知啊 可是有些人不想面對現實 10/19 08:30
11Fzsincerity: 看看北韓的玩法,可惜國內都流於意氣之爭 10/19 08:30
12Fcrazypeo45: 我們可沒有國際組織的保護呢 10/19 08:31
13Fwizardfizban: 果然八卦那一堆人狂噓 不相信美國會賣台 XD 10/19 08:35
14Fk1k1832002: 這是不能戳的秘密,心底有這個認知,但講出來就爆炸了 10/19 08:38
15Fk1k1832002: 不過也不用想那麼遠啦,光天然氣這個國安問題大概就 10/19 08:39
16Fk1k1832002: 知道情況了 10/19 08:39
17FSinreigensou: 柯開始對台美關係表態了,會不會黑掉呢 10/19 08:46
18Fkenro: 但也沒講什麼啊 10/19 08:50
19Fcrazypeo45: 這也不是表態啊 這算是基本常識 10/19 08:51
20FSinreigensou: 有吧他說美國必定賣台 10/19 08:51
21Fsleepcat612: 他的用語是"川普" 10/19 08:52
22Fpoisonshing: 八掛版一堆黨工,點進去黑壓壓一片,台灣要有清楚的 10/19 09:01
23Fpoisonshing: 認知 10/19 09:01
24Fwilly0526: 黨工以為美國飛機船艦喝水就可以動的嗎? 如果沒有利益 10/19 09:05
25Fwilly0526: 他們跑到亞太地區幹嘛? 10/19 09:05
26Fpatrick08: 他說不相信川普,但台灣就是貨架上的商品 10/19 09:10
27Fpatrick08: 兩個都是事實,川普能信才有鬼 10/19 09:11
28FRW2010: 以為老美會為了正義保護台灣?看看烏克蘭吧 10/19 09:12
29FRW2010: 台灣現在就只是有價值 10/19 09:13
30Ffleetindark: 腦袋清楚給推,烏克蘭:還我克里米亞 10/19 09:15
31Ftaiwan1789: 我才不新美國會派兵勒 閃尿林去當二年兵我就信 10/19 09:19
32Ftaiwan1789: 信 10/19 09:19
33Fwelly0923: 我覺得他們會派兵........ 10/19 10:12
34Fwelly0923: b然後在旁邊看 10/19 10:12
35Fchathamcat: 說的都沒錯啊 10/19 10:46
36Ffreexyz2007: 推 10/19 21:26
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