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The Guy Behind Steam Spy Has Been Working On Epic's Store For Years https://tinyurl.com/y9mf5v54 It’s one thing for a gaming company to announce a Steam competitor—and believe me, many have—but it’s something else entirely when the developer behind the world’s biggest game does it. Epic’s upcoming game store seems to have already gotten under Steam’s skin, but even before the announcement yesterday, one Epic employee spent countless long hours picking apart the behemoth piece by piece. As a hobby. If you follow Steam closely, you’ve probably heard of Sergey Galyonkin. Since 2015, he’s been running Steam Spy, a site that scrapes publicly-available data from Steam profiles, analyzes it, and spits out statistics like approximate game sales, average playtime per game, and broader genre and tag trends. A change to Steam’s privacy settings put Steam Spy against the ropes earlier this year, but it’s still bobbing and weaving— albeit more clumsily—for the time being. Few people outside of Valve are more intimately familiar with Steam’s inner workings than Galyonkin. He has always described the Steam data-gathering mainstay, used by major developers and publishers to take stock of Steam and justify their games’ existence, as a “side project.” His main gig? Director of publishing strategy for Epic’s new store, as it turns out. He announced yesterday that he’s been working on the project for “the past several years.” It didn’t take long for the “Steam Spy was literally a Steam spy” jokes to start rolling in. “I think it’s funny,” Galyonkin said in an email to Kotaku. “It wasn’t my intention when launching or naming Steam Spy, but in retrospect, it makes for a great four-years-in-the-making joke.” There is, according to Galyonkin, no great conspiracy here. He’s always been interested in data and game distribution, and that led to him both starting Steam Spy and joining Epic. Steam Spy has, however, taught Galyonkin, and now Epic, some valuable lessons that are being applied to the new store. “I’ve learned a lot about how games are tracking [week] over week, how effective are sales (not as much as people think, exposure is more important), and more importantly, I got to talk to hundreds of developers to learn what they want from a digital store and what they like and don’t like about existing ones,” he said. He noted that he could’ve done that last part without Steam Spy, but “for a person as introverted as I am, it’s way easier when other people are talking to me.” “That’s why we won’t have forums on Epic Games store and will start with a ticketing system, so gamers can message devs about their problems instead of review-bombing them.” This led to a slew of valuable insights that Galyonkin says directly informed the Epic store’s feature set. For instance, forums and other social media-like tools—a cornerstone of Steam—won’t be part of the package. Galyonkin said that this is because “not a single developer I talked to wanted forums” and “the toxicity it brings,” preferring to interact with communities on their own terms on platforms like Reddit and Discord instead. “That’s why we won’t have forums on Epic Games store and will start with a ticketing system, so gamers can message devs about their problems instead of review-bombing them,” said Galyonkin. Then there’s the issue of clutter, which often makes Steam feel less like a svelte 2018 video game store and more like a closet so stuffed full of games that if you tried to pull one out, it’d be like dislodging the wrong block from a Jenga tower. This is even an issue on individual game pages. Their “ More Like This,” DLC, and bundle sections impact not just users’ ability to decide whether they want a game, but also developers’ ability to communicate what they’re up to. “There was a problem with too many things competing for users’ attention on a game page and no way of ever reaching users unless a developer had its own account system set up,” said Galyonkin. “That’s why we’re trying to minimize the store presence on game pages and we’re adding a global Twitter-like newsfeed, so developers can update their players about recent changes to their games and their future titles. And they can have emails of their players if the players agree to it.” Steam Spy’s greatest strength, though, has been its ability to pull back the curtain on sales data and other trends, paving the way for developers to make games they know people will like (or that nobody else has made before) and, hopefully, succeed. And while Epic’s store won’t have public-facing Steam Spy-like functionality built in, providing developers with as much information as possible is a big priority. “We’re aiming to provide developers with as much information to make good decisions as legally possible,” Galyonkin said. “Contractually we can’t share other companies’ sales data—Steam Spy shows estimates—but we can share other useful stats, especially in an aggregated format. We use a lot of data ourselves and want the developers to have the same tools. And the partners obviously can share their sales information.” The Epic store will launch with a “very barebone backend dashboard,” he said, but his hope is that “eventually it will give developers way more information about their games that Steam Spy ever could.” As for Steam Spy, it’s not dead, but Steam privacy changes did a heck of a job of hamstringing it. Galyonkin’s not entirely sure what he’s gonna do with it yet, but for now, the project continues to move forward, though at a speed closer to a crawl than a sprint. “The current algorithm is based on machine learning and is doing OK for tags and general trends, plus an actual PhD in machine learning is helping me with the next version,” he said. But, he said, Steam Spy has taken a back seat recently: “I’ve been so occupied with Epic Games store, I didn’t spend enough time working on Steam Spy in recent months.” ==== 這有八卦到,但這篇其實更像是宣傳 Epic Game Store。 總之,Steam Spy的創始人 Sergey Galyonkin 其實是Epic Game Store的總監之一,他也 在那做了好久了。 所以這篇主要就在說他會以Steam那 「SPY」 來的經驗來讓 Epic Game Store 更好。 有興趣可以看看...... 不過說真的他一直強調會對開發者更好更好......什麼的,我很想問那對玩家呢! 尤其是他說為了避免玩家評論轟炸開發者,所以 Epic Game Store 不會有論壇和社群,而 是只有投票系統。 但對我來說,我很愛看Steam上玩家的評論和討論耶! -- 「星耀如眼,賜吾輩目光。 取吾奉獻,予吾輩力量。 此等威力,暗夜淚光芒。」 ─黑暗祭禮 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/C_Chat/M.1544092974.A.BB9.html wizardfizban:轉錄至看板 Steam 12/06 18:43
egg781: STEAM上的玩家評論不見得都是無的放矢 12/06 18:44
egg781: 甚至很多負評是直接戳到遊戲的缺點 12/06 18:44
Kenqr: 中國人因為沒中文給負評 就看不到理由了 更慘 12/06 18:47
gino0717: 看來假遊戲可以安心上epic了 12/06 18:47
e04su3no: steam最大的優點就是評論,如果評分能更細化就好了 12/06 18:47
lucifier: 沒有評論機制沒興趣 多數遊戲的評論算是滿能反映優缺點 12/06 18:47
Risedo: 沒中文負評也成為梗了 STEAM表示有話題 12/06 18:48
egg781: 撇開來鬧的評語,很多都講得很實在 12/06 18:48
egg781: 但是你做的好也是被吹上天阿,玩家評論真的算壞事嗎? 12/06 18:49
emptie: 習禁評 12/06 18:50
lucifier: 有些評論寫得很精彩或是好笑 反而讓你更想買 12/06 18:51
Risedo: 還是已經是疼訊的形狀了 12/06 18:53
bitalk: 一些遊戲會不會對特定人造成不適感,沒有評論也不會知道 12/06 18:53
bitalk: 評論雖然有好有壞,但直接禁止也不是好事 12/06 18:54
ssarc: 沒論壇、沒得討論,也不需要用了 12/06 18:57
ssarc: 虧你還是STEAM SPY的藏鏡人,結果根本只會抄爛的..... 12/06 19:08
ice76824: 禁評繼承人 12/06 19:17
guogu: 買遊戲時評論比分數更重要阿 12/06 19:27
bluejark: 那你也要先有遊戲啊所以當然從讓開發者過來 12/06 19:41
LAODIE: 民情問題 他們習慣禁評 12/06 20:00
LAODIE: 反正先把遊戲基數衝上來 不怕沒人買 還可以看一下那個賣自 12/06 20:01
LAODIE: 己再抄一下 12/06 20:01


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